“The food is spectacular!!! I have had the great pleasure of trying a couple of the dish’s from taste of the islands and none have disappointed.  The Loco Moco is on point, with gravy, rice, egg and a nice beef patty. It transports me back to Hawaii everytime I eat it. The spring rolls are not your typical sort but are filled mainly with meat.  Don’t let this turn you off because they are delicious and you will want to come back for more. I highly recommend this place!”

Matt V

“We ordered the Poke as an appetizer and shared the Bistek and Miki, the portion sizes allowed us each (two of us) to try both of the dishes.  I can’t wait to try the rest of the menu, it changes slightly each week!  My favorites were the Poke and Bistek!!

Poke = I loved the Poke!! It was a crisp, clean taste.  An infusion of flavors; ginger, lemon, soya, sesame and onion which did not overpower the seafood.  The shrimp was tender and cooked perfectly.  I actually saved the sauce and continued to have it with my rice for the next few days! Definitely one of my favorite dish’s!!

Bistek = A generous portion of short rib eye beef cut served amongst a sauce with hints of ginger, garlic and peppers.  As a side, a serving of coconut rice complimented this delicious meat dish.

Miki = A coconut cream sauce with flavors of red pepper, lemongrass, rosemary and green onion complimented a generous salmon steak cooked perfectly!

Thanks for giving such an excellent eating experience! It was nice to be able to pick up the dinner at a set time and just set the table and dig in as soon as we got home!  Definitely a great place to order from for an above average take home meal!! Keep up the amazing culinary delights guys!!”

Christine Verwey + Szabolcs Demeter

“Loco Moco – The Loco Moco was very flavourful and unique. Got to taste the true island style.

Ribs with Coconut Rice – I loved this meal! It was more then expected for one meal but was cooked just the way I liked it.

I will definitely be trying everything on the menu in due time.”


Thanks Karndip

“I had the pleasure of ordering from Taste Of The Islands. First off the food was prepared and ready exactly on time for me to pick up.  I had the Poke Shrimp appetizer to my meal.  The Shrimp was perfectly cooked and one of the most flavourful ‘shrimp’ dish’s I have ever had.  I still dream of it!

I also had the Ribs, as the main course.  They were great! The portion was perfect and cooked fantastically.  I cant wait to eat from here again!”

Scott Emsley